Countertop Consultation

We offer a free consultation to help you choose the right countertop material for your home or business. You will be guided through the process of choosing the perfect countertop and design for your needs.


We have a full service fabrication shop on site. We can fabricate your countertops to your exact specifications. We can also fabricate custom pieces such as thresholds, window sills, shower curbs, and more.


The installation of your new countertops requires a great deal of skill and experience. Our installers are trained to install your countertops with the utmost care to your home. We will make sure that your countertops are installed correctly and that you are completely satisfied.


Have you got a chip or crack in your existing countertops? We can repair them for you. We can also reseal your countertops to make sure that they stay looking as good as new.


Every countertop is guaranteed to last for years to come. However, it is important to maintain your countertops to keep them looking as good as new. We offer a full range of maintenance services to keep your countertops looking great.